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    Do you suffer from lower sex drive? Mood changes and apathy? Decreased Energy? Are you moody or irritable? Do you find yourself losing focus or having trouble concentrating? Is your muscle turning into fat? Then use Veral™ Manly Aid. Veral™ supplementation may increase testosterone production, the principle male sex hormone, which supports health and well being for men. Men’s virility and reproductive health need support as they age…use Veral™ and get your sexy back!

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Veral™ is just not about sex. It’s about maintaining bone mass, increasing muscle mass and strength. For healthy sex, the erectile process requires more than just mental and physical stimulation. By enhancing blood flow to the sex organ and genital areas a natural erection can occur. Veral™ supports men’s health so that increased blood flow can occur. It should be taken 30-45 minutes before sex. With daily supplementation, men will begin to notice the changes after 2-3 weeks. Long term effects accumulate over time and can vary in people.

Confidence grows as your sexual performance improves too. Your testosterone did not go down overnight and you should not expect it to return as same. It will take a few weeks before the full benefits are felt. During this time, emotional benefits like increased libido and sexual stamina are usually noticed. Taking Veral™ for 5 weeks or more and you should start to see benefits like increased sex organ size, stamina, strength and control.