NeuStem™ Cell Helper


  • Description

    A unique patent pending approach to increasing adult stem cell circulation.

    There are numerous factors that set NeuStem™ Cell Helper apart from most other products in Stem Cell Nutrition, including our very own Vita-Stim Concentrate™: This uses a combination of ingredients to accelerate tissue repair and detoxification.

  • Additional Information
    Weight .85 lbs
    Dimensions .5 x .250 x .417 in

Designed to stimulate adult stem cells, promote the immune system and provide antioxidants and anti-inflammatory ingredients.

Promotes development of your immune system and growth of red blood cells & white blood cells with Antioxidant and anti-inflammatory ingredients. Helps to protect and detoxify the liver and kidneys.
NeuStem Cell Nutrition is an all-natural, Physician Formulated, patented supplement developed to help increase the release of adult stem cells. This is a new class of patent pending dietary supplement for improving life. It combines the latest knowledge of functional foods and scientifically designed extracts to better quality of life in most people who use it.