Infinity Plus™


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    A revolutionary multi-purpose formula with telomere, RNA/DNA and Stem Cell nutrition support combined to help fight the ravages of aging from the inside out! The best known anti-aging ingredients into one solution for body repair and support.

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    Weight 0.18125 lbs
    Dimensions .5 x .250 x .417 in

A telomere powered blend including circumin concentrate equivalent to eating up to 2 grams of the spice in each capsule. Health and anti-aging benefits for circumin have been studied including mTOR inhibition. Infinity Plus’ Silymarin works to stabilize liver cell membranes and act as an antioxidant to protect liver cells from free radical damage. It also helps regenerate healthy liver cells. Other anti-aging ingredients like resveratrol and astragalus polysaccharides are included.
If you want to feel better, improve performance, and live longer with better quality of life, this could be your answer:
Patented and patent pending formula designed to enhance telomere support.
Helps to increase the circulation of adult stem cells.
May also enhance metabolic function and promote the natural renewal system of the body.

These vitamins, supplements, or other natural products are marked down as they are or will be expired.

L-Carnosine can oppose age related glycolation and appears to reduce telomere shortening rate.
Vitamin C increases the differentiating abilities of adult stem cells.
Vitamin D3 provides a synergistic effect to the awakening of dormant adult stem cells in the bone marrow.

Trimethylglycine (TMG) acts as a digestion enhancer, methyl donor and helps rapid dispersion into the blood stream.