Emergent Health Three in One™ Miracle Serum™


  • Description

    Providing topical relief from pain, scalp and hair conditioning and facial toning, it is designed to easily penetrate the skin and provide bio-available oxygen in a clear gel form. Our serum is a key natural compound found in human cells.

  • Additional Information
    Weight 0.1625 lbs
    Dimensions .5 x .250 x .417 in

Miracle Serum™ oxygenate water and urea compound assist in penetration of the skin to the affected area. The urea compound causes skin cells deep below the surface to attract, absorb, and hold moisture better. Key ingredients prevent or retard bacterial growth, thereby protecting cosmetics and personal-care products from spoilage.

Provides immediate pain relief to sore joints and muscles.
Can stimulate hair follicles for growth.
Decrease hair loss or splitting.
Increases hair sheen when applied as a leave in grooming gel.
Provides firming tone when used on the face.

No odor, staining or internal side effects