In 2000, Dr. John Capello was stricken with Parkinson Disease symptoms and was forced to retire from the active practice of medicine. This facilitated a search that led him in 2005 to uncover scientific data regarding the ability of certain botanicals to increase adult stem cells in the body’s circulation. Many hours of research were invested by Dr. Cappello to validate the reality of this phenomenon as it related to adult stem cells and the body’s own way to renew itself. Fortunately, Dr. Cappello discovered a way to improve upon what was then available and made it part of his personal daily regimen. Within several months, not only did the Parkinson Disease symptoms begin to disappear but he also experienced improved joint functions. Through his personal experience, Dr. Capello developed a line of patented and patent pending nutraceuticals that contain the science of stem cell nutrition. The products were made available through a direct sales channel that established a large number of loyal customers who were sold on the health benefits.

In early 2015, publically traded Emergent Health Corporation established a diverse and experienced leadership team to launch Cellaviv whose mission is to offer a wealth producing opportunity and life enhancing products to a worldwide community. Cellaviv is launching one of the most unique, culturally diverse and timely opportunities ever. While many corporations worldwide are experiencing significant drops in revenue and stock prices, Cellaviv is preparing to handle unprecedented growth. As the newest division of publicly traded Emergent Health (Stock Symbol: EMGE –, Cellaviv has attracted some of the most profound business minds and fitness experts in the world:

Chief Executive Officer – Chris Swenson, brings over 25 years of financial experience to the Company. His areas of concentration include financial analysis, strategic planning, business development and budgeting. Since 2014 Mr. Swenson has served as the Chief Financial Officer of Neaclear, Inc. From 2009 through 2013 he served as the Chief Financial Officer of CENX, Inc., from 2001 through 2008 he served as the Vice President of Finance at Neutral Tandem (now known as Inteliquent Corp.) Chris earned his BA from the University of New Hampshire and his MBA from Babson College. Chris is a health and fitness enthusiast with a deep knowledge of the Nutraceutical market. His finance background brings a depth of experience to growing companies.

Scott Maguire – Mr. Maguire joined Xenetic Biosciences (XBIO) in April, 2004 as CEO. He led the company’s 2006 listing on London Stock Exchange and transacted license deals that have exceeded $100M in cash milestones. Scott has over 20 years of global life sciences and healthcare investment banking experience, raising well in excess of $1billion. In 1996 he co-founded the Arthur Andersen global healthcare corporate finance practice based in London which he assisted in building from 2 to 35 bankers globally. He left Andersen in 2001 and founded Healthcare Capital Partners Limited, a healthcare and life science corporate finance and proprietary investment boutique. He received his MBA in 1993 from the Babson Graduate School.

Executive Vice President Sales and Marketing – Ann is a talented Business Development Executive / Project Manager who specializes in spearheading advanced technology projects from start to finish. Has successfully led teams in market development and business solutions projects for AT&T Wireless Services, one of the largest cellular providers in the nation. As an entrepreneur, consistently demonstrates aptitude for winning bids and contracts while effectively negotiating with vendors and building strong relationships with city and state officials. Skilled and well-versed in seizing business opportunities that generate revenue in highly competitive environments. Ann most recently owned Firehorse Technologies, LLC, an Austin, TX and Tequesta, FL based IT management company focused on large government contracts. Their first year in operation grossed $1.2 million. Prior to Firehorse, Ann built and sold iTech Vision, LLC during the dotcom era. Leading the public safety sector in advanced wireless data technologies, iTech Vision landed a $1 million contract within the first 3 months of operation. From 1991 through 1997, Ann rose quickly through the acquisition of McCaw Cellular One to AT&T Wireless. Where she cut her teeth in outside sales, her talent for closing the deal and multi-tasking and people skills gave rise to her career in market sales management, regional team management and ultimately landed her a spot on the design, develop and deploy team to the grandfather of today’s Smart Phone. The AT&T Pocketnet was launched prior to Netscape’s IPO and AOL becoming a household name.